Our Strength Lies in Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our Strength Lies in Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

Dr. Tom’s Foot and Ankle was created in 2014 with the vision of providing to patients an unfortunately long forgotten concept at the core of Medicine – being that you as a patient matter. At the core of our business we understand that YOU are not a number, an insurance card, or burden to the Medical Industry. We here at Dr. Tom’s understand that and strive to remind both of us that in every visit.

Medicine has always been a secretive business with your doctor being the gatekeeper of knowledge you need. That secrecy forged an implied trust between you and your doctor that they would keep you safe and do what is best for you regardless of conditions. Unfortunately over the last decades, those decisions have been removed from your doctor and the trust that goes along with it is evaporating as well. We here at Dr. Tom’s seek to restore that trust. We ask you to actively participate in your decisions to make yourself better.

In many areas over the years Medicine has become big business, whether out of financial necessity or simply in response to such a fast paced world, and we all have felt its impact. As patients, we seem to have been forgotten in the rush for efficiency. We often feel that our doctor, though possibly through no fault of their own, may no longer have the time to spend with their clients; and yes, we are all clients of sorts, as in any business. As a result, we need to remember to be treated with respect. Our time has value. We are all paying for a service, and whether through an Insurer or personally, we need to demand someone listens. Dr. Tom’s listen.

Our services here are unique. We treat you as a person, not an account number. We see you when you want to be seen. We listen to what you want, not what we need to give you. It is Dr. Tom’s basic principle that you matter and we want you to help us get you better.

A little bit about us

Our staff is a one of a kind medical team dedicated to proving our patients an exceptional experience from the moment you walk in the door.

YOU will feel at home, YOU will be confident in the care provided by our team.

Our goal is your health and satisfaction… Guaranteed!


Formulating personalized treatment plans for each individual patient. Our doctor focuses on your needs.


From the moment you walk in the door til the second you walk out. Your premier medical experience.


Regardless your foot condition, our facility has resources to help treat you.


When you have a question call us. With no automated system to navigate through, we strive to deliver personal service to every patient.